Thinking of checking out CornerStone but not sure what to wear? Or what to expect? Here is some info to help make your first visit a little easier.

First, don’t worry about what you wear. Some of us are in jeans and t-shirts, while others choose to wear a suit and tie and you’ll find most people somewhere in between.

Now, when you arrive you will want to be sure you grab a listening guide (think bulletin if that more familiar to you). This will give you information about upcoming events and a welcome card for you to fill out so we can get to know a little bit more about you. Pastor Loy also provides an outline for his messages, hence the ‘listening guide’ name, and some blanks that you can fill in as he speaks. Also, you will generally find the scripture he is speaking from printed there so don’t worry if you forget your Bible or don’t have one.

Next, we do our best to start at 10:30 AM and finish by 11:45 AM but we are not perfect so if we start a few minutes late and end few minutes late as well we appreciate your understanding.

If you have kids we offer optional nursery for infants and toddlers up to age 3 beginning at 10:30am. Kids over the age of 3 start in the service with the adults. Then at around 10:50am they are dismissed to go to Children’s Church where there are songs, games and Bible lessons designed just for them. If your kids would rather stay with you, we understand and that is fine.

Finally, after service we like to take some time to fellowship so if you can, please stay a few minutes to enjoy refreshments and allow us a chance to say hello.

We hope you will come and enjoy a friendly atmosphere where you can investigate the claims of Christ and be challenged to grow in your faith.